Why Dental Implants are Such a Popular Way to Replace Missing Teeth

Losing a tooth can have serious consequences for your face and your smile. Losing just one tooth can actually lead to losing more teeth, and it can lead to significant changes in your facial structure. When it comes to deciding how to replace your tooth, implants are the option that give you the best results with the longest-lasting protection. 

At Mayer Dental Care, located in the Midtown West area of New York City, Dr. Wendy Mayer and her team are dedicated to bringing you the best in general and cosmetic dental care. That’s why we’ve compiled this helpful guide to dental implants and why they may be your best option for replacing missing teeth.  

Why it’s important to replace missing teeth

Did you know that 69% of adults have lost at least one permanent tooth? This usually occurs as a result of gum disease, accidents, or tooth decay. So, if you’re missing a tooth, you’re not alone. 

Missing teeth, however, are more than a cosmetic concern. When you lose a tooth, you also lose its root, which normally stimulates your jawbone. When the root is gone, you actually start to lose mass in your jaw bone and your jaw shrinks as a result. Your nearby teeth then begin to sink in to fill the empty space. This causes them to loosen and eventually fall out. 

Why dental implants are the best option

Unlike bridges and dentures, dental implants don’t just replace your missing teeth, they also replace the roots of your teeth, offering stimulation for your jawbone and keeping your jaw and facial structure intact.  

Dental implants also have a high success rate, ranging from 89-98%! And they’re a long-lasting option too. If you take care of your implants, by regularly brushing, flossing, and getting dental care, your implants can last a lifetime.  

What to expect from your implant appointment

During your initial appointment, Dr. Mayer examines your mouth to determine if they’re the best option for you. We want to make sure that your mouth is as healthy as possible before we place the implants, to ensure you have the best chance for success. If any issues come up, they’re usually resolvable with a bone graft or treatment for periodontal disease. 

We also take a scan of your mouth to guide the implant placement. The implant is a small screw made out of surgical grade titanium. After putting the implant in, we give it time to fuse with your jaw (also known as osseointegration). Next, we place an abutment on the implant. 

Once your gum heals from this process, we attach the top part of the implant, a prosthetic tooth usually made of porcelain or ceramic.  

Don’t let missing teeth ruin your smile, change your facial structure, and make it difficult for you to eat and speak! When it comes to saving your smile and your jaw, dental implants are your best option. Call our New York City office today or make an appointment right on our website today.

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